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My approach is firmly grounded in Person Centred theory and practice but I believe that different people need different things at different times. Because of this I am also open to using methods and techniques from other schools within the counselling field.

Person Centred counselling is a talking therapy in which I create a deep, trusting, accepting and honest relationship through modelling genuineness and expressing an empathic understanding of your life. Not just being sympathetic to what your experiencing but seeing it from your frame of reference, as if I were
in your shoes looking out through your eyes and feeling what you feel.

Once our relationship is created and you feel safe and supported, I will be there as your companion while you explore your inner world. I’ll help you make sense of it through reflection, gentle questioning and challenge. 

As we progress, we will regularly review our work together and I will use my skill and flexibility to introduce new methods and techniques that we feel are appropriate and effective for you.

Your commitment to the process is just as vital as mine, only by working together can you get the results you hope for. I am not here to tell you what to do or give you my advice as that would presume that I know you better than yourself.

I am not the expert on you… you are, and I strongly believe that you have all the answers you need to move on in your life. My job is to help you access them and put them into practice.



People can sometimes feel stuck, like they have lost their way or need to find their path. They may feel that, although they are achieving or even being successful; something is missing from their life. They might feel unsatisfied, disillusioned, or frustrated or just flat. It could be their job or lifestyle, their relationships with others (family, partners, friends) their sexuality or many other issues.

Life has become a puzzle, with a missing piece…the inner piece.

Whatever issue you are facing, counselling can help. 


I offer Humanistic, Person Centred counselling in Kendal and the South Lakeland area of Cumbria, tailor made for you. Provided in a quiet, comfortable location within an accepting, non-judgemental, genuine and empathic environment in which you can explore your inner world where, I believe, you will rediscover your true direction.


Counselling outdoors can add a new dimension to the work we do. I can help you bring awareness to nature, helping you to gain a ‘here and now’ perspective on things.


Guided Meditation is a proven way
of calming the mind by bringing awareness into the present moment.


I meet my clients for the counselling sessions in a comfortable, quiet room at the Lakes Centre (Cancer Care) in Kendal where privacy and confidentiality can be assured.


Sessions usually run for 50 minutes but this is flexible if you would prefer something different. I charge £25.00 for our first meeting in which we can explore your needs and discover whether we feel we can work together.

After this I charge £40.00 per 50 min session. This would, of course, rise for longer sessions and could be reduced for shorter ones. I also offer a reduced rate for those who are financially disadvantaged which can be discussed and agreed upon during our first session.

Outdoor counselling sessions are generally longer. I would suggest at least a full hour, minimum, at a cost of £45.00 Again, longer sessions are priced higher:

  • 2 hours £80.00

  • 15 mins of Guided Meditation added to either beginning or end of sessions £10.00

Our location in Kendal

Lakes Centre
Blackhall Road


Hello, my name is Lee Irving.

I began my counselling career after being helped immensely by counselling myself when I went through some hard times in my life.

The counselling I had changed me and my life more than I could have dared dream, but it wasn’t easy;
it can be hard to admit that you need help and it’s not always easy to engage with the help that is offered. When you do find the help that you need there is work to be done to: 

  • Discover and accept where and who you are right now

  • Identify clearly where and who you really want to be

  • Accept responsibility for the changes that need to be made

  • Take that responsibility and transform into the person you could be


I would like to take this opportunity to say ‘well done’ to you for taking this first step, this first step which could lead onto a life changing journey. I admire and respect your courage.


I am a qualified counsellor based in Kendal and the South Lakes area of Cumbria with a HE Diploma (level 4) in therapeutic counselling and a registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy). As a member I am subject to their codes of ethical conduct and complaints procedure which can be found and viewed at  

I have full personal indemnity and public liability insurance.


Lee Irving Counselling in Kendal
Lee Irving - Qualified Kendal Counsellor
Registered member of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy)