How often have you felt like throwing open the door and running for the hills when things have got too much?

The outdoors can be a stimulating and freeing environment in which to work out your issues or concerns. Nature and exercise play an intrinsic part in our natural wellbeing and often a reconnection with nature can have a powerful therapeutic effect on us all.

Counselling outdoors can add a new dimension to the work we do. I can help you bring awareness to nature (the sounds of running streams, the sights of stunning mountains, or the smells of flowers and trees around us) helping you to gain a ‘here and now’ perspective on things. This, combined
with a Person Centred talking therapy can help you find clarity around your troubles allowing you
to move forward.

The outdoors provides a natural playground in which you may like to express yourself through art
or craft using the materials around you such as sticks, pebbles or autumn leaves. There may be something you find hard to say in words which could be communicated more easily in this manner.

Working in the open means that the counsellor and client are on neutral territory which can help
to open communication. 
Outdoor therapy can be a simple stroll in the park whilst conducting
a similar session to one in the counselling room to a longer walk in the glorious hills of the Lake District and Kendal area.

I hold an Advanced Post Qualification Certificate in Outdoor Counselling.

I am fully insured and trained in outdoor first aid and would only work within the competencies
of us both. I would require the client to fill out a health questionnaire before the commencement
of outdoor therapy to ascertain the suitability and level of this activity.

Guided Mediation services in Kendal
Meditation and Mindfulness - Inner Piece Counselling in Kendal

Guided meditations are a proven way of calming the mind by bringing awareness (mindfulness) into the present moment.

Many feelings of distress can be related to our minds living in the past or future. Traumatic or unhappy past events can be relived again and again, often leading to depression or low self-esteem. Anxiety and stress are often related to potential future events seen as threats. And yet there is nothing we can do about the past and the future doesn’t even exist.

Meditation teaches us a way of escaping these two realms where the mind likes to reside, bringing it into the peace of the present moment. In time and with regular practice you will notice that the past and future have less power over you as your mind spends more time in the here and now.

I have been practicing Meditation and Mindfulness since 2011 and have developed a substantial practice of my own which gives me the experience necessary to share this natural state of being and it’s many benefits with you.

A short guided meditation session can be added to the beginning or end of a standard counselling session to either set your mind in a more receptive state or to help consolidate what you have learned and prepare for re-entering the outside world.